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In what ways can the EU achieve both the proposed 2030 40% emission reduction and its energy security goals? 6 comments from our contributors

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Libor Lochman

Executive Director


Following the Communication of the European Commission on the 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy Policies, the October European Council will be the moment for the Heads of State to decide on the targets for the post-2020 period. Europe needs to reduce its import dependence on fossil fuels. The transport sector has been the only major sector of...

Posted on: 11/09/2014  | 

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Acacia Smith

Communications Assistant

European Cyclists’ Federation

ECF’s aim, to get ‘more people cycling more often’, is a win-win solution for meeting both the EU’s 2030 greenhouse gas emissions target and its energy security goals. To scale back the EU’s dependence on external energy sources and to reduce emissions by 40%, tackling transport – accounting for a fifth of...

Posted on: 04/09/2014  | 

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Chris Bagley

Head of Energy


There can be very different drivers behind energy policy, and the mechanisms needed to ensure energy security. Typically, and despite genuine best intent, policy is frequently driven by political consideration rather than what is possible from a technical perspective.  Such policy results in relatively short-term approaches, whilst for...

Posted on: 28/08/2014  | 

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Philippe Dumas

Association Manager

European Geothermal Energy Council

The growing uncertainties over the crisis in Ukraine show once again all the limits of Europe’s energy dependency. According to Eurostat, about one third of the EU’s total crude oil (34.5%) and natural gas (31.5%) imports in 2010 originated from Russia. The EU energy dependency contributed not only to weaken the EU geopolitical...

Posted on: 26/08/2014  | 

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Prof. Mohammed Safiuddin

Research Professor, Advanced Technology Applications

Buffalo University

The global energy and environment challenges cannot be addressed through a local, regional, or even a national approach. They require a global outlook and a much broader vision, a Global Renewable Energy Grid [GREG]. A high voltage direct current [HVDC] transmission system must be built to serve as the bulk electrical power transport medium, with...

Posted on: 26/08/2014  | 

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Jessica Jewell

Research Scholar

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

A strong subtext to the climate-energy security debate in Europe is can the two goals be achieved simultaneously or do they compete with each other? The EU’s climate goals are clear: 40% emissions reductions by 2040 compared to 1990 levels through a combination of higher energy efficiency and renewable energy use. In contrast, the EU does not...

Posted on: 26/08/2014  | 

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