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Road to COP21

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The Road to COP21: will the commitments made in the next few months lead to a successful, global agreement in Paris later this year? 4 comments from our contributors

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Philip Insall

Director of Health


Why don’t human beings make wiser choices? Why are climate emissions still rising? Why are more children obese than ever before? Policy makers and climate experts shake our heads: if only people would choose low emissions and healthy lifestyles.  How can we make that happen? In the UK, the government’s in-house think tank on...

Posted on: 23/01/2015  | 

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Richard Black


Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit

'Realistic expectations' The Paris deal is not going to curb emissions enough to meet the agreed target of keeping global warming below 2 Celsius. The idea of a comprehensive negotiated deal able to do that was buried at Copenhagen. Ever since then it’s been about individual governments setting out how much they are prepared to do,...

Posted on: 22/01/2015  | 

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Liz Gallagher

Programme Leader


The road from Peru to Paris is littered with hazards and distractions, but round the bend there’s something worth the drive. The backdrop to Lima was a series of announcements building political momentum towards a global deal in Paris. The United Nations’ Secretary General’s (UNSGs) Climate Summit, the watershed agreement between...

Posted on: 22/01/2015  | 

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Brent Patterson

Political Director

Council of Canadians

The COP 21 climate summit in Paris will begin about six weeks after the October 19th federal election in Canada. Voters in this country will therefore have a chance to vote on Prime Minister Stephen Harper's climate record at a critical juncture in history as science - and without exaggeration the survival of the planet - demands a substantive...

Posted on: 22/01/2015  | 

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