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What impact will the EU’s 2030 targets for greenhouse gas reductions have on the negotiations at the United Nations summit in 2015? 9 comments from our contributors

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Monica Frassoni


European Green Party

I believe that these targets in themselves are not that revolutionary in terms of the position of Europe and its capacity of being the game changer in the negotiations. It would be far more important if the agreement between China and the United States would create a dynamic which would show that these targets are really insufficient and that we...

Posted on: 27/11/2014  | 

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Murad Qureshi


London Assembly

Posted on: 25/11/2014  | 

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Jos Cozijnsen

MMA, consulting attorney emissions trading

JC Consulting

The perspective of a new agreement excites me, and the EU working on the improvement of ETS, so hopefully we can get somewhere. You know it is so difficult for all governments to deal with the crisis of how to combat business as usual and how to improve things. For many many areas that it is hard to overcome the crisis but I think we can do it. It...

Posted on: 20/11/2014  | 

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Dr. Graeme Sweeney


Zero Emissions Platform

Zero Emissions Platform: including contributions from MEP Therese Griffin (S&D, UK) and Jos Delbeke, Director General of DG Climate Action in addition to Dr. Graeme Sweeney, Chairman of ZEP. At a high-level parliamentary hearing hosted by MEP Theresa Griffin (S&D, UK) and the Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP), industry, NGO...

Posted on: 14/11/2014  | 

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Jacqueline Minor

Head of Representation

European Commission


Posted on: 14/11/2014  | 

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Peter Botschek

Director Energy, Health, Safety & Environment Health

The European Chemical Industry Council

I have been participating in COP meetings since Buenos Aries. I still remember vividly the Copenhagen COP, where Europe went with a firm target enshrined in legislation and the impact on the negotiations was practically zero. The upfront legally binding target did not impress the participants of the Copenhagen COP, it didn’t even bring...

Posted on: 12/11/2014  | 

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